Treatment Modalities

Below is a list and description of some of the physical therapy modalities that Dr. Guzik may use in addition to standard chiropractic manipulation. 


Flexion Table

Flexion Distraction therapy has been shown to be very effective for reducing complications from disc bulges, herniations and spinal canal stenosis. The foot of the table raises and lowers slowly in order to decompress the spine and allow the discs to rebound back into their normal position and off of painful nerve tissues. 


Electronic Muscle stimulation (AKA E-Stim) is a physical therapy modality where electrodes are placed on the skin over sore muscles or injured tissue. By changing various electronic parameters, it can help flush out inflammation and swelling, reduce and eliminate pain, decrease muscle spasm and increase muscle strength. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Similar to ultrasound used for imaging of babies in a belly but different. We use a sound frequency that creates movement on a cellular level. This movement creates a deep heat right at the target tissue and also increases the speed of healing and reduces pain. This therapy can also be used to push topical medication directly onto a deep muscle. 

Instrument soft tissue manipulation 

Purpose built stainless steel tools are used to "scrape" over the skin to create better movement between the tissue layers, reduce inflammation and pain and allow the body to heal in a healthy way. 

Functional Taping

Special flexible tape is placed over an injured area to support underlying muscles and fascia layers which helps to reduce pain, swelling and bruising.