**UPDATE JANUARY 2018*** Now accepting memberships with Chirohealth USA! This program works like Costco for chiropractic care. You pay a small yearly membership and we are able to extend savings onto you. call or email for details. sign up is easy and can be done right at your visit. 

*** UPDATE June 2017*** Many insurance companies are providing Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and cards that work like credit cards. These cards may be used to pay time of service fees directly or for co-pays. 

The Short Story-Dr. Guzik is credentialed and in-network with the following companies.

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Health Net
  • Providence Health Plans
  • Pacific Source
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • ALL motor vehicle insurers
  • Oregon Worker’s Compensation

The Long Story- Insurance is a complicated thing and growing more so everyday. In reality it is quite simple; the business model is to collect as much as possible for premiums and to pay out as little as possible on claims for services. What this means to you as a patient and us as providers is that we are constantly grappling to understand what is, and what is not covered by each company. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a patient to understand your benefits and what your company will cover. Be aware that even though we are in-network with your insurance company, they can, and often will, deny payments and defer them to you as patient responsibility. If you have specific questions or concerns feel free to call or email us and we will do the best we can to guide you. We have found the best place to start is by calling the number on your insurance card and asking specifically about chiropractic care. The things you want to ask are as follows.

1)   Do I have a deductible and have I met any of it yet? (this is important because until the deductible is met, the ENTIRE bill will be your responsibility and these often reset at the new year or when you change plans)

2)   How many visits do I get per year?

3)   Do I need prior authorization for any services? (some plans state that you must be referred by a primary MD or DO)

4)   Are there any services that are not covered? (this is another big one as more and more companies are not covering the important physical/manual therapies that go along with manipulation to help you heal more quickly)

If you have any other concerns please call or email us and we will be happy to help the best we know how.